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Tim BurnettAMK Outdoor Professional

My name is Tim Burnett and I live my professional life SOLO and in the wild! I am a professional hunter and adventurer, living out of my pack for days and weeks on end. Most of my trips are documented and can be seen on my show Solo Hunter. I spend the majority of my time at high elevation in the Rocky Mountain and Sierra Mountain Ranges. I travel the world from the deep interior of Alaska to the Southern Alps of New Zealand. I have no production or safety crew to follow me around and so I need to be at the top of my senses each and every time I go into the wild. Through personal experience I have truly learned to "expect the unexpected". No matter where I am, I always pack essential first aid gear with me, and I make sure I know how to use it. Being out in the field alone is dangerous and has a certain level of calculated and uncontrollable risk no matter how conservative or experienced you are.

I have always used Adventure Medical Kits products extensively on all of my adventures. I am so grateful to have a relationship with such a great company with a line of products that can not only make my life less miserable in the wild but also can save it! It is funny how the gear that I "hopefully" use the least is actually the gear that I count on the most. I live by their tag lines... "Expect the unexpected" and "Survive Outdoors Longer."

Adventure® Medical Kits The Sportsman Series offers a range of kits designed specifically for the hunter/fisher and cater to different types of injuries.

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Ben’s® 100 Insect Repellent Provides up to 10 hours of protection from ticks and insects that may carry infectious diseases. Small portable size is easy to carry.

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QuikClot® Clotting Gauze The fast and effective way to control bleeding by accelerating the body’s natural clotting ability.

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Survive Outdoors Longer Scout™ Provides you with everything you need to stay safe, stay warm, and get found in a survival situation.

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